What is streaming?
Simple... This is a means by which you may view our hot spy-cam videos right now from your PC or Mac or *Mobile Devices (*see below for mobile device limitations). Videos are sent securely to your computer directly to our embedded video players located within each video page.
Is there any way for me to download a copy of your videos?
Sorry but to the unique qualities of our videos and because of rampant online video piracy, we cannot allow downloading at this time. Our videos are also securely streamed and protected from "grabbing" by leeching programs.
Can I share video links or my password with my friends?
Spyonguys prohibits such behavior and has systems in place to stop such abuse. If you are caught sharing your passwords or our video links with others, our system will automatically shut down this abuse and cancel your account and access. We have a very strict policy on this and will not turn your account back on or provide you with a refund for such actions. Please do not risk it as this behavior is typically caught within minutes.
Do I need any special software for viewing your videos?
You only must have a modern and up to date browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer along with Adobe Flash installed on your PC or Mac computer. That's all that is required. Mobile devices may be able to view our streams using the methods described below.


Firefox Flash Enable Instructions
Chrome Flash Enable Instructions
Opera Flash Enable Instructions
Internet Explorer Flash Enable Instructions
Microsoft Edge Flash Enable Instructions
Can I view your videos on my TABLET or MOBILE DEVICES?

To view our videos on mobile devices and tablets with Android or IOS, you must  be able to use a Flash compatible browser such as "Puffin Browser" from your devices app store in order to view our streaming flash videos with such devices. We have tested "Puffin Browser" as a currently working method of viewing our flash streams; however please note that there may be some quality degradation, video sizing issues and log-in problems present. Please note that "Puffin Browser" may cause our site security system to think that you are logging in from too many IP addresses or simply too many times; which may in turn cause your access to be blocked. In such cases you will need to contact us to fix the issue, as there is no automatic fix for this problem. Also, "Puffin Browser" may not work if you are outside of the USA. We are not responsible for any incompatibilities with viewing videos via this method; as these are separate firms not affiliated with sPYoNgUYS who provide such mobile Flash browser apps.

Click to visit the Google Play store to get "Puffin Browser"

Click to visit the Apple iTunes store to get "Puffin Browser"

Important Note: Please DO NOT attempt to use other various flash browsers available such as "Photon Browser"; because they do not play nicely with our site's security system. These other browsers are non-tested by us and may cause your login access to become blocked by our systems. At this time,the "Puffin Browser" is the only one we have found that plays nicely with our site's security system.
What software do I need to use your site?
This is a tricky question as every computer is wildly different in terms of performance. But these requirements should get you going:

  • A PC or MAC computer capable of running a recent web browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • Mobile devices such as tablets and phones with Android and IOS may be able to stream our videos using the method described above.
  • A recent monitor with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • A broadband Internet connection. Our site is optimized for fast Internet connections.
  • You'll need a current modern internet browser that supports FLASH. If your FLASH is outdated please update it to the latest version here.
Do I have to worry about digital rights management (DRM) player compatibility any more?
No. Because all of our videos are securely streamed directly through our embedded FLASH players, you need not worry any longer about player compatibility issues with DRM technology. Our videos cannot be downloaded to any computer or device, instead they are streamed right to your PC or MAC. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones with Android and IOS may be able to stream our videos using the method described above.