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This is an excellent spy-cam video taken from an up close and personal view in a European subway bathroom. See all types of guys as they hang their thick meat out at these busy and fun to view underground subway urinals. See the guys whipping them out in droves here! This busy restroom features lots of fairly well hung and thick meat guys who have a strong fancy for whipping them out at the plate. Business types, younger guys, working guys and more! Excellent quality video.

Video quality: Excellent  |  Contains sound: Yes

Yum is how this locker/shower room spy-cam footage tastes! Watch these young, athletic guys as a multitude of guys strip off their clothes, head to the showers and sauna, and then come back to dry off and clean up. If you like all types of guys in their after work-out beauty, then you must have a peek in these changing rooms!Lots of cocks, tight asses, and many various builds in this good quality video. There are so many fine hard bodied guys in this one! Fair to good quality video.

Video quality: Fair to Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

You will not believe your eyes as this video contains non-stop massage table jerk-off's, anal massages and total cock relief provided by one very fortunate masseur. See these guys squirm and wiggle from a crotch view of their man meat.  Straight from the streets of the Europe to this very busy massage therapists table cum loads of fine mix of middle aged to older guys ready to be relieved! This guy has an arrangement with many very willing guys to drain their tension while tugging & beating their meat. Very good quality video.

Video quality: Very Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

Join us for an evening at this cruisy rest-area bathroom. You will even see hot secret jerk off action in this hidden video! This new rest-area pisser video is also filled with literally tons of guys holding their cocks at the urinals, and even view through huge glory-holes into the stall next door. The content is fresh - and hot - and the sausages vary from long one's, thick one's, cut one's, uncut one's, small & meaty one's and so many more to choose from. Guys range from college types to truckers to hot Mexican dudes. Excellent video quality.

Video quality: Excellent  |  Contains sound: Yes

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