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This is a public video featuring studly guys whipping out their huge cocks at Mardi-Gras in public for everyone to see. This video features hot guys showing everything in the streets of Mardi Gras! Guys get sucked and jerked off in the streets and one guy even shoots a load right there for everyone too see. Watch in amazing clarity as this video was taken with high quality cameras. You will see hundreds of guys messing around in the streets of New Orleans. Watch in total disbelief as these hot young men let it all hang out! Excellent quality video.

Video quality: Excellent   |  Contains sound: Yes

Here a cock there a cock everywhere a big cock! Hang out in this frat-guy shower room for some fantastic looking cock shots! Watch as these athletic straight studs take showers, undress, dry off, change clothes and put on jock straps and underwear. Don't take your eyes off of them for even a moment or you might miss one of those sexy young guys as they pass by flopping. Tight bodies and perfect asses complement this active college locker room. It's time for a slab of meat as these guys are too hot to handle! Fair to good quality video.

Video quality: Fair to Good  |  Contains sound: No

This video is a new one that was made by an unknown producer. It features mostly hidden locker room video shots in the showers, on the benches and between the lockers. One guy strokes it so much it starts to swell! It also has some odd editing where the shots of hot scenes are replayed for a closer look. There are also some great beach scenes were taken from another video. The beach scenes feature really hot & hung guys. They frolic, play games, and there is even a shot of a young guy getting hard, right before your eyes! Fair quality video.

Video quality: Fair to Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

Imagine being on vacation at a small and friendly all male hotel where from your top floor windows you get to see all of the action! Well quit dreaming and come stay at the place you dream of. Watch as hot guys frolic at the pool (even a quick B/J), play with themselves in their rooms, walk around with no clothes on through the night, and basically expose themselves to all willing to watch. See flashes of figures jacking off, & cock sucking, fucking. You'll be wanting a vacation sooner than later! Very good quality video.

Video quality: Very Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

More than 70 pages and 280+ videos online: Page 28