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Do you like the sweet smell of musty locker rooms? If so than have we got the footage for you. Glare in awe at over an hours worth of locker, shower & urinal footage compiled from college shower rooms, beach urinals and even sports club locker rooms! See a wide variety of in shape guys as they change clothes, soap up in the showers and strut over to the urinals to take a leak. Lots of hot cocks, asses and tight bodies undressing throughout! Many locations visited in this one. Very good quality video.

Video quality: Very Good   |  Contains sound: Yes

Come smell the sweet musty aroma of this busy gym locker room. Watch as a multitude of guys strip off their clothes, head to the showers and sauna, and then come back to dry off and clean up. This film will appeal to those locker room lovers who enjoy the complete strip down before the workout as well as after. Some of these guys appear in one sauna exit scene as though perhaps they may have been messing around with each other by the appearance of their long flaccid cocks upon exit. Good quality video.

Video quality: Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

In part 2, the guys are leaner, more fit, and some even sport bigger, thicker, and longer cocks than seen before! Watch as a wide variety of guys in the wet area as they enter and exit the shower area and then spend time "Toweling Off". See jocks, swimmers, real men, college guys and many others in this one of a kind video. Most of these guys are blessed with great looking endowments! Hung one's, thick one's, and tasty one's in this video. Excellent quality video.

Video quality: Excellent  |  Contains sound: Yes

More than 70 pages and 280+ videos online: Page 33