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Okay now...who the hell decided to put a hidden-cam in the urinal at work? Seriously, whoever had the balls to do this gets an A+ grade from us! Watch as many guys come into this busy work restroom to whip em' out and take a leak - with a face-forward frontal view. We have never had a camera angle like this before. Too bad it wasn't in 3D because you would think that the piss was coming straight for you! After seeing a multitude of guys from this vantage point, join us for a portion of time while we visit the work shower room, where we get to see workers showering off together after their shift. A very good quality video.

Video quality:  Very Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

Holy smokes...these young Brits have a shit ton of cock attached to them! Visit this extremely busy filling station restroom as tons of young hot guys pull out their huge meat logs to have a piss. One guy even drops his pants while he's at the urinal. See them laugh and frolick about with one another, some of them being construction work friends on their lunch break. This video has so many huge hot cocks in it that you won't want to miss a second of all the action. See the stretch, yank and pull them to their full length's before they put them up. There's even some bonus hard-on footage in this one! An excellent quality video.

Video quality: Very Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

You can go to the mall to shop or you can go for a much better reason...to whack it with your horny buds! That's right, get in this bathroom right now and enjoy the fun filled day stroking your cock with other hot dudes doing the same thing. There's a bunch of hotties getting in on all the action in this busy mall restroom. Don't pay retail for mall goods when you can get in on the action instead for free! No money to shop? We hear ya', so why don't you join these guys in whackin' your cocks together. There are all shapes & sizes to see. An excellent quality video.

Video quality:  Excellent  |  Contains sound: Yes

Have you ever been to an adult bookstore arcade before? Well it just so happens that this one has a hot glory-hole between the booths! Join us for the final chapter of this series. You will be in for a sweet treat when you head into this busy adult video arcade! This footage was secretly taped from the security spy-cameras right there in the ceiling! Watch horny men as they suck each other off, take each other's loads, masturbate each other & jerk off. See cocks of all shapes & sizes. Fair to good quality video.

Video quality: Fair to Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

More than 70 pages and 280+ videos online: Page 53