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Save yourself the money on an expensive trip to Europe and instead join us for a 2 part Italian Stud Beach series. Spend the afternoon watching an endless parade of hotties in their skimpy bathing suits as they frolic and play on the sand. See them with bulging cocks right through their speedos. Excellent quality video!

Video quality: Excellent  |  Contains sound: Some

Here's a nice urinal pissing compilation taken from a variety of restrooms around the globe. Enjoy tons of guys of all shapes and sizes as they hang their cocks out in public for all to see. You ever wonder who invented open style urinals? We're sure glad that they did as this allows us to bring you so many cocks right to your screen. You might see some jerkin' and if not then at least some tugging and pulling. Enjoy the flopping & shaking. Good quality video.

Video quality: Good  |  Contains sound: Some

Check out this crystal clear urinal footage as we get to embrace the up close and personal views of each and every cock that walks up to take a leak. See guys of all types as they whip out their juicy cocks for all to enjoy. Some of the meat is long, some thick and others just good ole' normal; but the one thing that's for sure is that they sure are pretty - LOL! Very good quality video.

Video quality: Very Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

Take a beach break in Peru where you'll get to watch hot guys in their speedos undressing and showering both outdoors and in the shower rooms. See them soap up their cocks from under the front of their shower doors! You will even see some various footage of different beach toilet stalls and urinals where guys are jacking their cocks furiously. Good quality video.

Video quality: Good  |  Contains sound: Yes

More than 70 pages and 280+ videos online: Page 60